Hitachi refrigerators sold at State Trading Organisation (STO) stores have been awarded the ‘Hakathari’ rating. The rating, managed by the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy, provides consumers with information on the energy-saving potential of electrical appliances. 

Fourteen Hitachi refrigerator models sold at STO now bear either a three-star or four-star Hakathari label, the company said in a statement.

Hakathari ratings, indicating power savings from least to most, are classified between one and five stars.

STO was the first company to label appliances with an energy efficiency rating.

In May 2022, six models of air conditioners sold at STO were the first to locally attain an energy efficiency rating. These rated air conditioners introduced electricity savings of up to 42 percent.

The main objective of the Energy Savings Programme is to promote the use of low-cost electric appliances and encourage environmentally friendly practices.