The Maldives’ Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has hosted a briefing session at CROSSROADS Maldives for delegates from the Thai Chamber of Commerce. The session, organised in collaboration with the Thai Chamber of Commerce, was attended by over 170 executives from Thailand, including traders, financiers, and CEOs from public and private sector companies.

Representatives from the Maldives, including those from the economic ministry, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy were present at the meeting. The session focused on investment opportunities in the Maldives and doing business in the country, aiming to provide insights into the Mohamed Muizzu administration’s development agenda and prospective investment opportunities, according to the economic ministry.

The visiting business delegates are part of the Top Executive Program in Commerce and Trade (TEPCoT), an annual event initiated by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) in collaboration with various ministries and the Thai Chamber of Commerce. This programme attracts business leaders from Thailand, aiming to enhance strategic thought processes and skills necessary to drive competitiveness between traders and industries.