British chip designer Arm Holdings anticipates that by the end of next year, 100 billion devices equipped with its technology will be prepared to support artificial intelligence (AI). Rene Haas, the company’s chief executive, made this announcement on Monday during the Computex forum in Taipei.

Arm Holdings, a leader in semiconductor technology, has been at the forefront of developing the infrastructure necessary for AI integration across various devices. Haas highlighted the rapid advancement and adoption of AI technologies, which has significantly accelerated the deployment of AI-ready devices globally.

“By the end of 2025, we expect to see 100 billion devices worldwide equipped with our technology, ready for AI,” Haas stated, emphasising the pivotal role Arm’s designs play in the ongoing AI revolution. He noted that these devices span a broad spectrum, from smartphones and tablets to embedded systems in automotive and industrial applications.

The announcement underscores Arm Holdings’ significant impact on the semiconductor industry and its crucial role in the proliferation of AI technologies. Arm’s designs are widely used in various applications due to their efficiency and versatility, making them ideal for integrating AI capabilities.

Haas’s projection reflects the industry’s optimistic outlook on the potential of AI to transform numerous sectors, enhancing everything from consumer electronics to critical infrastructure. The integration of AI into billions of devices promises to revolutionise how technology interacts with users, driving advancements in automation, personalisation, and efficiency.

As the demand for AI-ready technology grows, Arm Holdings continues to innovate and expand its influence, solidifying its position as a key player in the tech industry’s future. The company’s commitment to advancing AI capabilities aligns with the broader trend of increasing reliance on intelligent systems and machine learning across various domains.

Arm Holdings’ ambitious forecast at Computex highlights the rapid evolution of the tech landscape and the essential role of semiconductors in facilitating AI advancements. The company’s projections indicate a future where AI is seamlessly integrated into everyday devices, enhancing functionality and creating new possibilities for innovation.