The Maldives has successfully executed the first movement of cargo under the new sea-to-air transhipment service. This innovative service combines the benefits of sea and air transport, offering a rapid and efficient solution for cargo delivery.

Under the multimodal service, cargo is initially transported to the Maldives via sea routes and then airlifted to its final destinations on international airlines that operate to the Maldives. This streamlined process significantly accelerates the delivery of shipments.

This service is the result of a collaborative endeavour between Maldives Ports Ltd. (MPL), Maldives State Shipping (MSS), and Maldives Airport Company Ltd. (MACL), in partnership with international airlines that operate to the Maldives.

The Sea-to-Air Cargo Transhipment Service is introduced in partnership with Turkish Airlines. MPL and MSS formalised their agreement with Turkish Airlines on 28 March. The inaugural sea-to-air cargo shipment was transported by Turkish Airlines.

Previously, Turkish Airlines had relied on Sri Lanka for the sea-to-air cargo transhipment service. However, the airline sought to expand the service to the Maldives due to capacity constraints.

This new service is poised to generate increased revenue for MPL and will also bolster the government’s efforts to diversify the Maldivian economy, said the company.

MPL expressed that the hybrid model will enable the company to cater to the demands of businesses in the region. In a bid to expand the reach of the new service, MPL is currently in discussions with other airlines that operate to the Maldives.