Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) is gearing up for the launch of its new iPad models, with overseas suppliers ramping up production to meet the anticipated demand. According to a report by Bloomberg News, the tech giant plans to introduce the new iPads to the market in early May.

Initially slated for a late March or early April release, the launch was postponed as Apple continues to finalise the software for the devices. Despite the delay, excitement is building among consumers eager to get their hands on the latest offerings from the tech giant.

The upcoming iPad Pro models are expected to feature Apple’s latest M3 chip, marking a significant upgrade in performance. Additionally, redesigned versions of the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil will accompany the new iPads, representing the first overhaul to the lineup since 2018.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the iPad Air will receive a boost with a new processor and a larger 12.9-inch screen size, enhancing the user experience for Apple’s mid-range tablet offering.

When approached for comment, Apple did not immediately respond to requests from Reuters, maintaining its characteristic secrecy leading up to product launches.

In related news, Apple recently announced its plans to host the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from 10 June to 14 June. Amid speculation of potential AI partnerships and significant changes to the iOS, tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the event for insights into Apple’s future developments.

As anticipation mounts for the arrival of the new iPad models and the upcoming WWDC, Apple enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await further updates from the tech giant.