The Housing Ministry has released the provisional list of individuals who are set to receive flats under the government’s housing scheme “Gedhoruveriya.”

In an announcement, the ministry stated that complaints can be submitted until the 22nd of this month. The ministry says its primary objective before announcing the permanent list is to verify the accuracy of information provided in the forms of those considered eligible on the provisional list. To facilitate this crucial process, the ministry is appealing for cooperation from all parties involved.

Under the “Gedhoruveriya” scheme, the state-owned Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation is building 32 18-storey towers in Hulhumale’. These include 1,200 two-bedroom apartments and 2,800 three-bedroom apartments. Two prominent Indian construction firms, JMC Projects Limited and National Buildings Construction Company (NBCC), are engaged in the two major housing projects in Hulhumale’. Both companies are undertaking the construction of 2,000 flats each. The ongoing project includes 17 and 18-story towers, each floor featuring eight apartments. Currently under construction are 1,200 two-bedroom apartments and 2,800 three-bedroom apartments, which will offer potential residents a range of options.

A total of 35,800 people had applied for the government’s “Binveriya” and “Gedhoruveriya” schemes, both aimed at providing housing solutions for the people of Male’ city. Over 20,000 applications for flats were received under the “Gedhoruveriya” scheme. Among these, a substantial number of applicants, totaling 14,400, expressed interest in three-bedroom apartments, while 6,200 individuals submitted applications for the more modest two-bedroom accommodations. Separate lists have been published by the ministry to distinguish recipients of two-bedroom and three-bedroom flats. The lists feature the names of recipients, permanent addresses, and details about the number of occupants sharing the apartment.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had announced that over 16,000 flats, land plots, and houses would be made available in the Male’ area, highlighting the government’s commitment to tackling the housing shortage.