The Housing Ministry says the recipients of land plots and flats under the government’s ‘Binveriya’ and ‘Gedhoruveriya’ housing schemes will be made public next week.

State Minister for National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure, Akram Kamaludeen said the final preparations are currently underway to publish the lists. The Gedhoruveriya Committee, which is tasked with evaluating applications for flats and land plots under the schemes, reported met on Wednesday.

The Ministry earlier said that the lists would be released ahead of Eid al-Adha, which falls on 28 June. This has prompted widespread anticipation among the public for the release of the lists today, given that it is the final working day before the government closes for nine days in observance of Eid al-Adha. As per the state minister, the public will have the opportunity to submit complaints regarding the properties during this month.

A total of 35,800 individuals submitted applications for the government’s housing programme. Among them, 20,600 individuals have applied for flats, while 15,200 have applied for land. A total of 14,400 individuals submitted applications for three-bedroom flats, while 6,200 applications were received for two-bedroom flats.

With the aim of completing eight towers by year-end, the government is currently undertaking the construction of 4,000 flats spread across 32 towers. The project consists of 17 and 18-storey towers, each floor containing eight apartments. The apartments will include 1,200 two-bedroom units and 2,800 three-bedroom units.