President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Wednesday committed to address complaints over changes to the health sector salary structure and issues raised by education employees regarding exit allowances.

The President’s Office said the salary structure for the health sector has been amended, whereby medical officers will now be entitled to attendance allowance when working through holidays.

The President has also decided to address the issues raised in the petition from the nurses at Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) regarding the salary structure for nurses. As part of this resolution, they will also be entitled to an attendance allowance when working on public holidays. Additionally, non-clinical nurses working in healthcare facilities will be converted into clinical nurses.

According to the President’s Office, nurses who received an education grace period in 2018 will see the term extended until 2026, and the issues faced by the nine nurses who were facing migration problems within the new structure would be resolved.

President Solih will also make concessions based on the petition by 862 education professionals and teachers regarding the standard set in May last year. Educators who had spent more than 18 months on the job will be allowed to choose their exit allowances, with the cut-off period now extended until January 2024.

The President had taken these decisions after consulting with various stakeholders as he believed that doctors, nurses, and teachers were facing difficulties, the President’s Office said.