President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih called on Thursday for active participation from island-based civil society organisations in tackling community-related matters.

Speaking at the inaugural Civil Society Awards held at the Maldives Centre for Social Education (MCSE), the President emphasised the urgency and significance of civil society engagement in resolving social problems, stating that it was crucial for the realisation of his administration’s development goals across various sectors. He highlighted the need for a decentralised approach to address the diverse social issues present in different islands and regions of the country.

During his address, the President emphasised that civil society could contribute significantly to mitigating climate change, environmental conservation, and addressing social issues. He urged civil society organisations to prioritise addressing social issues and protecting the environment as their core objectives. He further stressed the importance of broader societal participation in the administration’s campaign to eliminate single-use plastics.

The introduction of the Civil Society Awards marks a significant milestone for the country, as it aims to celebrate the contributions of civil society organisations and inspire collective action towards building a better society. Awards to the recipients were presented at the ceremony by President Solih.

The ceremony also saw the launching of the “Mees Portal” by Vice President Naseem and the presentation of award letters to recipients of NGO grants by First Lady Fazna Ahmed.