President-elect Mohamed Muizzu has called on legislators to expedite the Workplace Safety Bill in response to two separate incidents in which gas cylinders exploded, resulting in two deaths and injuries to four people. The two unrelated incidents occurred in Makundhoo island and Kulhudhuffushi island, both in Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

On 19 October, four were injured in an accident while refilling a cylinder used for fire training at Kulhudhuffushi Airport. One, who had suffered life threatening injuries, has been flown abroad for treatment.

Meanwhile, in Makunudhoo, two foreign nationals were killed when a gas cylinder exploded as they were working with welding equipment at a worksite on Saturday.

In a statement, Muizzu called on the relevant authorities to investigate the cause of the two incidents and take action to prevent such tragic events in the future.

“I request the Honourable Members of Parliament to expedite the work on the Workplace Safety and Health Bill, which has been submitted to Parliament, to find the necessary solutions to such issues in a systematic manner,” the statement read.