World Teachers’ Day, celebrated annually on 5 October, brought forth pivotal addresses from both President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu, spotlighting the pressing need for sweeping changes in the Maldivian educational system.

President Solih emphasised the urgency for educational institutions to evolve alongside global economic and social transformations. In a written address to the nation, he stressed that the trajectory of international development is now irrevocably geared towards modern technology and innovative productivity.

“Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping responsible generations that uphold the nation’s duties,” President Solih asserted, emphasising the necessity for teachers to familiarise themselves with new technologies and modern teaching methodologies.

He also called for strengthening the Maldivian social fabric by exemplifying Islamic values in education. According to Solih, children must receive a robust upbringing that encompasses Islamic creed, theology, and values while also honouring the nation’s cultural and literary legacy.

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, in his address, identified the shortage of teachers as the “biggest issue facing the Maldivian education sector.” Muizzu committed to solving this acute shortage and expressed concern over whether Maldivian school leavers possess the capabilities the country needs.

Muizzu outlined plans to implement policies focused on refresher programmes for teachers, promoting their physical and mental wellbeing, and offering a proper work-life balance. He vowed to raise the honour and prestige of teachers in society by shaping an administrative structure that upholds the value of their hard work.

The President-elect indicated that he would make it a special priority to ensure students are equipped with “the intelligence and sharpness, the capabilities, and the ethics” required for the 21st century. He plans to amend the current curriculum to foster these values and instil a sense of national pride and societal respect among students.

World Teachers’ Day 2023 is being observed under the theme “The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage.” This day serves as a tribute to teachers worldwide, acknowledging their transformative and enduring impact on lives.