State Trading Organisation (STO) has launched ventilators and G5 patient monitoring systems by the reputed Japanese medical devices manufacturer, Nihon Kohden, in the Maldives. During an event held at Crossroads, the products were introduced by the Ambassador of Japan to the Maldives, Takeuchi Midori.

According to STO, the newly introduced products could, in addition to use in ICUs and operating theatres, be deployed in all hospital departments. The state-owned company will run an orientation session to familiarise doctors and nurses with the new equipment, outlining their features and functions, while also demonstrating specific use cases based on varying patient requirements.

The Tokyo-based Nihon Kohden Corporation, with subsidiaries in the U.S., Europe and Asia, is a leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of medical electronic equipment with their catalogue of products including electroencephalogram devices (EEGs), electromyography (EMG) measuring systems, electrocardiogram devices (ECGs), patient monitors, invasive and non-invasive ventilators, defibrillators, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and clinical information systems. The company is the largest supplier of EEG devices worldwide and their products are used in more than 120 countries.