The Ministry of Transport said on Wednesday that it had so far issued over 25,000 digital driving licences since the launch of the SIMS Online Portal in February 2022. The portal, which was launched as part of the Ministry’s efforts to modernise the process of issuing driving licenses and available through an eFAAS account, has enabled drivers from any island in the Maldives to apply for and receive licences, providing a more efficient and accessible service.

eFAAS, the Maldives’ National Digital Identity, allows individuals to identify themselves both in-person and online. The Ministry of Transport has leveraged this digital infrastructure to launch the SIMS Online Portal, providing an easier and more convenient way for drivers to obtain licences.

As part of this digital transformation, the Ministry of Transport has also made digital licence services available on the police mobile application, Police MV. The change means that drivers will no longer be required to carry a physical license card and can instead present a digital copy on their mobile device.

While the Ministry now issues digital license cards, those who require a physical card can still request one to be printed.

The Ministry of Transport says that these efforts to digitise the licensing process have improved the quality of its services and made it easier for drivers to obtain the necessary documentation.