The Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) is investigating former President Abdulla Yameen for potentially breaching the terms of his house arrest by engaging in political activities. Yameen, convicted in December 2022 for money laundering and bribery, is serving an 11-year prison sentence. Following President Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s election victory, Yameen was transferred to house arrest, with specific allowances for medical and other essential outings, provided he informed the MCS in advance.

Yameen’s political activities have raised concerns. He initially visited the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) office, conducting rallies and meetings. After being warned by the corrections department about the violation of his house arrest terms, Yameen ceased these activities. 

However, recent developments indicate a resumption of his political engagement. Yameen left PPM on Thursday, citing internal disagreements, and proceeded to establish the People’s National Front (PNF). He was seen at the PNF’s new headquarters in H. Hurafa, participating in the party’s formation and membership drive.

Photographs of Yameen at the party office and with senior lawyer Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed have circulated on social media, further evidencing his active role in the party activities.

The MCS, emphasising the seriousness of the issue, stated that actions against Yameen would be taken if necessary. Under the Prisons and Parole Act, convicts are prohibited from holding leadership positions in political parties and participating in political events while serving their sentence, though they can remain as general members. Yameen’s presence at the PNF office, particularly during the membership registration process, directly contradicts these regulations.