The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called for presidential campaign activities to be conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.

In an announcement, the EPA highlighted how campaign activities have been harmful to the environment; by hanging campaign materials on protected and aging trees, spray painting wildlife and trees, and littering the streets with posters and leaflets.

A large number of single-use plastic water bottles are left behind at several event sites, and such litter is not properly disposed of, the EPA said. The agency also brought attention to the adverse effects of metal pipes being driven into coral reefs as flag poles, which would disrupt the delicate balance of the nation’s ecosystems, endanger shores, and directly impact the lives of island residents.

“Political parties and all others conducting campaign activities are urged to pay close attention to the above issues and conduct their campaign activities in a manner that prevents incidents like these from being repeated,” the agency announced.

The EPA highlighted that priority should be given to the continued protection and safeguarding of the country’s natural environment, biodiversity, resources, and beauty for future generations. Additionally, the government should ensure that economic and social development is carried out in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, the agency urged.