The Police have apprehended an Indian national for engaging in indecent exposure at Masveringe Park in Male’.

According to an eyewitness, the individual was seen harassing a group of civilians and two concerned citizens swiftly intervened and handed him over to the authorities at approximately 2:30 am on Wednesday.

This indecent exposure was not an isolated incident for the arrested man. He has been previously spotted exposing his genitals in the same area, as per multiple eyewitnesses. The man had similarly targeted a group of girls a few days earlier, a witness revealed. “We shouted at him, which frightened him away, and he fled. It’s truly appalling, especially considering that numerous families visit this park,” the witness added.

The police are yet to release an official statement regarding the arrest.

The arrest follows a similar incident involving another foreign national who was apprehended earlier this year for exposing himself to a young boy inside a mosque in the Maldives.