Former Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has urged the impeachment of President Dr Mohamed Muizzu following the leak of intelligence reports allegedly linking the president to corruption. The reports, shared by the anonymous “Hassan Kurusee” account on social media platform X, include documents prepared by the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Maldives Monetary Authority and the Maldives Police Service.

These reports, dated circa 2018, claim irregularities in money transfers to President Muizzu’s personal bank account, highlighting 10 critical red flag indicators of financial misconduct. These indicators suggest involvement with politically exposed persons, embezzlement, structured transactions, and the use of corporate entities to hide fund origins.

Jameel reposted these documents on his social media, emphasising the need for accountability at all levels of governance. He also accused President Muizzu of extensive corruption in his flagship Ras Male’ development project and alleged excessive spending on public relations. Jameel has called on President Muizzu to cooperate with independent investigations into these allegations.

Local media, while cautious, have reported verification of the report’s authenticity. However, there has been no official confirmation or response from government bodies regarding the legitimacy of the reports or the allegations. This incident marks the first time an FIU report has been leaked to the public.