The government has initiated a second attempt to gain parliamentary approval for three ministers who were recently reappointed after being rejected by the Parliament. 

Attorney General Ahmed Usham, Housing Minister Dr Ali Haidar Ahmed, and Islamic Minister Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, despite facing rejection by Parliament on 29 January, were reinstated by President Dr Mohamed Muizzu on the same day.

This move has sparked significant debate, leading to the submission of a resolution in Parliament that criticises the reappointments as undermining legislative authority. 

The resolution, introduced by North Galolhu MP Eva Abdulla of The Democrats, argues that these actions not only breach constitutional provisions but also erode public trust in the government.

The opposition, comprising members from MDP and The Democrats, has been vocal in their criticism, labelling the reappointments as a degradation of the constitution.

In response to the controversy, MDP is seeking legal advice on the matter, while The Democrats have emphasised the importance of adhering to constitutional norms and the need to respect the parliamentary process.