In a harrowing incident on Sunday, a speedboat named “Legion 7” capsized near
Cheval Blanc Randheli, Noonu Atoll, after encountering treacherous waves while en route to Velidhoo Island. The vessel, carrying 30 passengers, began taking on water, prompting an evacuation before succumbing to the powerful forces of the sea. Fortunately, all passengers were successfully rescued and no injuries were reported.

The ill-fated speedboat was caught in a wave near Cheval Blanc Randheli Resort, causing it to veer off course and ultimately sink. It capsized after all occupants had safely disembarked at the resort. The Coast Guard Northern Area First Squadron swiftly responded to the distress call, ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

This incident occurred amid severe weather conditions prevailing across the Maldives, prompting the Maldives Meteorological Service to issue a White Alert. As the country gears up to celebrate the Eid, traveller’s have been advised to exercise caution due to heavy rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, and rough seas affecting various parts of the country.