The list of beneficiaries for the government’s “Binveriya” scheme was unveiled today, bringing relief to thousands of citizens experiencing housing shortages. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, in his presidential address to Parliament in February this year, said that the initially planned allocation of 3,000 plots of land in Hulhumale’ would be increased without revealing the exact number.

Overwhelming response from the public showed the pressing need for housing plots, as 15,164 applications were received. Out of these applicants, 12,794 have been deemed eligible for land allocation. 

The list publicised on Monday includes 10,314 recipients, including people who applied jointly and as separate individuals who would receive land plots under the scheme. According to the housing ministry, the applicants can raise complaints or inquiries about the list from 26 June 2023 until 15 July 2023, through the ‘Gedhoruverin Portal.’

A total of 35,800 people had applied for the government’s “Binveriya” and “Gedhoruveriya” schemes, both aimed at providing housing solutions for the people of Male’ city. 20,600 applications for flats were received under the “Gedhoruveriya” scheme.

Previously, President Solih had stated that more than 16,000 flats, land plots, and houses would be provided in the Male’ area, demonstrating the government’s commitment to tackling the housing shortage. Notably, two prominent Indian construction firms, JMC Projects Limited and National Buildings Construction Company (NBCC), are engaged in the two largest housing projects in Hulhumale’. Both companies are undertaking the construction of 2,000 flats each.

With a concerted effort to address the housing crisis, the government aims to complete 13 towers by August. The ongoing project includes 17 and 18-story towers, each floor featuring eight apartments. Currently under construction are 1,200 two-bedroom apartments and 2,800 three-bedroom apartments, which will offer potential residents a range of options.