President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who is currently on a visit to Haa Alifu Atoll, has marked the completion of various development projects on Thuraakunu, Uligamu, Molhadhoo, Ihavandhoo, Maarandhoo, and Thakandhoo.

These projects include the construction of a football ground, installation of water and sewerage systems, establishment of a new powerhouse, creation of two island-level FENAKA branches, development and expansion of harbours, construction of a school multi-purpose hall, and establishment of a community centre.

Football Ground and Children’s Park on Thuraakunu

On Wednesday, the President officiated the inauguration of the football ground in Thuraakunu Island. Developed under contract by Myna Sports Field, the newly launched ground meets modern standards, boasting a turf installation to ensure an even and consistent playing surface for the island’s footballers.

The government has been undertaking various initiatives across the atolls projects to build modern football grounds, futsal fields, and sports courts, aiming to promote healthy and active lifestyles among the youth and nurturing local athletic talent.

Prior to the football ground’s inauguration, the President also inaugurated a children’s park named ‘Uthuru Vehi’ on the island. The administration says its ongoing efforts to develop such parks aim to provide opportunities for people of all ages to lead healthy, active, and dignified lives.

New Powerhouse and Sewerage Network on Uligamu

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih then visited Uligamu Island in Haa Alifu Atoll and celebrated the completion of three vital projects. The projects include the water and sewerage project, the new powerhouse capable of generating 458 Kilowatts of electricity, and the FENAKA Office.

The water and sewerage project, successfully implemented by Static Company Pvt. Ltd., addresses the crucial challenges of providing clean drinking water and sanitation services to the island residents. The new powerhouse, equipped with modern facilities and strategically located away from the residential areas, ensures a steady and reliable electricity supply for the island.

New Harbour and Powerhouse on Molhadhoo

On Wednesday afternoon, the president visited Molhadhoo Island, where he officially opened a newly constructed harbour, measuring 645 feet in length and 250 feet in width. This new harbour is expected to address transportation challenges and facilitate easier access to and from the island, benefiting the local community.

In addition to the harbour, President also inaugurated the new powerhouse and FENAKA Office in separate ceremonies. The new powerhouse is impressively three times larger than its predecessor, ensuring a significant boost in electricity supply. The expanded FENAKA Office can now accommodate 30 staff members, a substantial improvement from its previous capacity for only four employees.

New Harbour and Other Facilities on Ihavandhoo

Later in the day, President Solih visited Ihavandhoo Island and marked the completion of several significant developmental projects. Among the projects were the expanded harbour, the newly constructed FENAKA Office building, a multi-purpose hall at Ihavandhoo School, and a modern community centre.

The harbour project, carried out by the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), involved extensive work, including expanding the harbour, constructing a 251-meter sea wall, installing 178 meters of revetment, building a bridge, and creating a 121-square-meter ramp. Furthermore, port lights were installed, and pavement was laid, ensuring a comprehensive and functional harbour.

After inaugurating the harbour, President Solih proceeded to open other essential facilities on Ihavandhoo Island. This included the newly constructed multi-purpose hall at Ihavandhoo School, completed by MTCC, and the community centre, developed by Two A. Company Pvt. Ltd. The community centre, a spacious and state-of-the-art facility, is intended to serve various sports and civil society development initiatives, further enhancing the island’s amenities.

On Ihavandhoo Island, President Solih also inaugurated a football ground that was developed with turf and modern amenities.

Completed Projects on Maarandhoo and Thakandhoo

The president then visited Maarandhoo Island and inaugurated the newly developed FENAKA Office, which is modern, spacious, and can accommodate 30 staff members. After that, the President’s next stop was Thakandhoo Island, where he inaugurated a newly developed volleyball court.