Over 8,394 land registries and notification of award documents have been collected by the recipients of land plots under the previous administration’s ‘Binveriya’ housing scheme, the Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development has said.

The initial deadline for beneficiaries to collect the land registry and land allocation certificate was until 4 February. However, the ministry sought to provide an additional window to those who have not yet collected their registries.

The ministry said in a statement on Thursday that most had not collected the registry or notification of award documents despite being given an additional opportunity to sign the agreements for the land to be allocated under the scheme.

The statement said those who have not signed the land agreement, accepted the land registry nor collected the land allocation certificate will be given the opportunity to fulfil the requirements starting Tuesday until Wednesday, 27 of March at 11:59 p.m.

Appointments to hand over the document can be made through the Binveriya Portal.

The ministry said last month that 663 of the approximately 9,000 plots scheduled to be allocated under the scheme have not been handed over.

President Mohamed Muizzu had earlier given assurances that land would be given to all listed as beneficiaries under the Binveriya Scheme.

Some areas to be allocated under the scheme have not yet been reclaimed and as such, legally, land registration can only be done so after the land is reclaimed, the President said, adding that the certificate of receipt of land is a guarantee of receipt of land registration.

“Therefore, the process of issuing documents and registration to everyone, [will proceed so] no one is excluded, whether it is from Gulhifalhu or Giraavaru or the land allocated from the reclaimed section of Hulhumalé,” the president said.

Meanwhile, the Housing Committee, an advisory committee formed for the review of allocation of land and flats under the Binveriya and Gedhoruveriya Scheme, was set up on 26 February.

The Housing Ministry said on Thursday that the committee was set up on the advice of the President in order to oversee the schemes in terms of current allocations and future undertakings.

The committee has five members Aneesa Ahmed, Aminath Enaas, Ahmed Ali Manik, Abdul Aziz Yoosuf and Mariyam Fizana Rasheed and held its first meeting on Thursday with Aneesa Ahmed as chair, and Abdul Aziz Yoosuf as vice chair.

The secretariat of the committee has been established within the Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development.