The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has unveiled ‘Ras’ain’, a new mobile application specifically designed for fishermen and other marine vessels navigating the Maldivian waters. The application was officially launched by President Mohamed Muizzu at the event held Friday evening, coinciding with the inauguration of the MNDF Air Corps.

‘Ras’ain’ is primarily designed to facilitate a seamless connection between the MNDF Coastguard and all marine vessels navigating Maldivian waters. The application is particularly beneficial for fishermen and other maritime vessels navigating the Maldivian waters, according to MNDF.

The Maldives, where the sea constitutes 99.7 percent of its territory, is strategically located close to major sea lines of communication. This geographical advantage culminates in a significant number of maritime vessels traversing the Maldivian waters daily.

The ‘Ras’ain’ application is set to play a pivotal role as a communication conduit, disseminating vital information and alerts from the Coastguard to fishing vessels and other maritime entities, said MNDF. The application incorporates a detailed map of the Maldives, weather updates, and alerts from the Maldives Meteorological Service, and it enables distress calls and push messages from the Coastguard. Furthermore, it will assist fishermen in pinpointing schools of fish, identifying optimal fishing grounds, and displaying the location of fish-aggregating devices.

President Muizzu commended the mobile application as a significant advancement towards realising his administration’s objective of revolutionising the fisheries sector. “Fishermen will have the capability to pinpoint fishing territories in real-time. The data will be refreshed daily. Consequently, the utilisation of Maldivian maritime zones will experience an upsurge,” stated President Muizzu.

One of the application’s most salient features is its capability to contact the MNDF in emergency situations and incidents at sea. The mobile application, compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, will also highlight dive spots in the Maldives, catering to individuals employed in the tourism sector.