Ibrahim Ismail (Ibra), the inaugural president of the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP), has once again left the party. He claims that the MDP-led government is exacerbating the state’s affairs and exerting undue influence over the judiciary.

In a strongly worded resignation letter, wherein he critiques the government’s actions, Ibra recalls the principles upon which the party was founded and highlights the stark contrast between its current trajectory and its original intentions.

Ibra stood as one of the initial signatories in the formation of the MDP and subsequently assumed the presidency during the party’s inaugural Extraordinary Congress in 2005.

He underlines that the MDP’s inception was rooted in the principles of safeguarding human dignity and equality within Maldivian society. However, he contends that the party and its government have veered off-course from these fundamental ideals, presenting a contradiction to their foundational ethos.

Ibra levels accusations against the MDP administration, alleging that the Civil Court has been subsumed into the Attorney General’s Office (AG Office) and asserting that the High Court has come under the management of The President’s Office’s legal department.

Additionally, he vents personal grievances, noting that the previous government unjustly terminated a contract pertaining to his enterprise – Mandhu College. Ibra laments that the current administration has failed to address these grievances adequately.

He also noted that the party is now led by individuals who previously opposed its founding principles. He contends that the parliamentary representatives of the MDP are composed of members who were aligned with the party’s erstwhile rival – Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP).

Concluding his resignation letter, Ibra asserts that he can no longer lend support to a situation that implements principles in direct conflict with his convictions and where he feels undervalued.

This marks Ibra’s second departure from the MDP. His initial resignation occurred in 2006 when he formed his own party, Social Liberal Party (SLP), and contested the 2008 presidential elections. After suffering a humbling defeat in the initial round, he endorsed the MDP candidate and subsequently re-joined the party.

Ibra now joins a growing list of founding members who have recently severed ties with the party. This includes former President Mohamed Nasheed, who also attributes his departure to the MDP’s perceived deviation from its foundational principles.