The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed the appeal filed by former President Abdulla Yameen against the Criminal Court’s decision in the R. Fuggiri bribery case.

Yameen is serving an 11-year prison sentence in the V. Aarah case. The former president has been charged with accepting bribes and laundering money in connection with the Fuggiri lease transaction.

Yameen’s defence had appealed against the Criminal Court’s decision to allow former Vice President Ahmed Adheeb and former MMPRC Managing Director Abdullah Ziyath to be admitted as witnesses under the Evidence Act. The defence also appealed not to release certain documents related to the case. The High Court had earlier upheld the Criminal Court’s decision. The Supreme Court has now ruled that there was no reason to change the High Court’s ruling.

The Supreme Court, in addition, declared certain grounds used to reach the High Court judgment as invalid. This includes the decision not to allow new motions under the Evidence Act. The Court determined that the strength of the testimony of Adheeb and Ziyath should be decided at the trial stage in the Criminal Court.

The Supreme Court also upheld the decision not to disclose documents related to the case, ruling that only information in investigative agencies should be disclosed under the Criminal Procedure Act.

Riza’s motion

Yameen’s co-defendant, Ahmed Kariku Riza, also appealed the Criminal Court’s decisions at the Supreme Court. Riza was charged under the Prevention and Prohibition of Corruption Act. However, he filed a motion arguing that he should be charged under the Penal Code. The Supreme Court ruled against Riza’s motion and determined that he should be given the opportunity to examine the evidence available to the investigating agencies.

The bench comprised a three-member panel: Justice Husnu Al Suood, Justice Aisha Shujoon Mohammed, and Justice Dr Mohammed Ibrahim. Justice Suood presided over the bench.

Yameen’s Aarah case, for which he is currently serving a prison sentence, is presently at the High Court. The hearing in the case is yet to commence.