The Jumhoory Party (JP), a key player in the 2018 election victory of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, is set to make a major decision on its stance in the 2023 presidential election at its upcoming congress. The congress, which will take place from February 24-25, will be attended by top JP officials, including government ministers, and is expected to provide a final determination on the party’s position in the election.

JP holds the position of the third largest political party in Maldives, with a membership of approximately 18,000. The party’s leader, Qasim Ibrahim, has run for president in 2008 and 2013 and, although he did not advance to the second round in either election, JP has been a part of three coalition governments since the adoption of the new constitution.

JP spokesperson, Ali Solih, confirmed that the congress would take place in late February but declined to provide the exact date. President Solih, who recently secured his party’s nomination for a second term, has expressed interest in forming another coalition for the upcoming election. With JP being a significant player in Maldivian politics, the decision to be made at the upcoming congress is highly anticipated.

The congress will provide the final determination on JP’s stance in the 2023 presidential election and its role in the country’s political landscape. As Maldives prepares for the upcoming election, stay tuned for updates on JP’s decision and its impact on the election outcome.