The Maldives and the European Union have officially launched a new flagship initiative aimed at strengthening the rule of law and combating corruption in the Maldives. The initiative was unveiled during the 4th Maldives EU Senior Officials Meeting held in Brussels on Tuesday.

Funded by the European Union with a total amount of EUR 5 million (MVR 83 million), the five-year programme is designed to address the Maldives’ priority needs and reforms, according to the Foreign Ministry. It will be implemented in close partnership with key stakeholders from the justice and anti-corruption sectors.

The agreement was signed by Ahmed Khaleel, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, and Peteris Ustubs, Director for Asia, Middle East and the Pacific, Directorate General for International Partnerships.

The “Strengthening the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption” programme aims to build upon and complement the achievements and lessons learned from previous EU initiatives in the sector. Its primary objective is to enhance the rule of law and combat corruption in the Maldives through two key approaches.

Firstly, the programme will support the Maldives in developing an effective, accountable, and inclusive justice system. This will involve efforts to enhance the country’s legal frameworks, institutional capacity building, and improving public perception of the justice sector.

Secondly, the initiative will focus on strengthening anti-corruption efforts. This will be achieved through the establishment of better legal frameworks, enhancing institutional capacity, and working towards improving public perception of anti-corruption measures.

The collaboration between the Maldives and the European Union in this flagship initiative underscores the commitment to fostering good governance, transparency, and accountability. By addressing key challenges in the justice and anti-corruption sectors, the programme aims to contribute to the long-term stability and prosperity of the Maldives.