President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih unveiled the digital public service platform ‘oneGov’ on Monday, propelling the Maldives into the era of digital governance. With the slogan “Gateway to your digital government,” citizens across this geographically dispersed nation can now conveniently access essential government services regardless of their location or the time of day. President Solih, speaking at the inauguration ceremony held at Sultan Park, emphasised that this milestone represents a crucial step towards decentralisation and the attainment of sustainable goals, while also combating corruption.

“Today, we bid farewell to the days when citizens from different atolls had to traverse the seas to avail themselves of government services,” President Solih reiterated. He further stressed the significance of embracing digital services in the face of the changing climate, highlighting the role of technology in adapting to new realities.

The launch of the oneGov platform was initially announced by Vice President Faisal Naseem during his speech at the “Future of Work” forum at the World Government Summit held in the United Arab Emirates in February of this year. This digital transformation initiative aims to revolutionise the way government services are delivered, making them more accessible and efficient for the population.

To access the services provided by oneGov, individuals are required to be registered on eFaas, the digital identification platform launched in 2012. The eFaas mobile application or website allows users to undergo a quick and self-verification process to gain access to the oneGov services.

With the launch of oneGov, several ministries and government agencies are preparing to embrace this exclusive digitised platform. The Planning Ministry, Tourism Ministry, Economic Ministry, Fuvahmulah City Council, and the Health Protection Agency (HPA) are among the entities whose services can now be accessed through oneGov.

Citizens seeking assistance or support can contact the oneGov support team via the hotline number, 1500, which is set up to ensure that they receive the necessary guidance to navigate the digital services seamlessly.