The Maldives imported goods worth MVR 4.4 billion in March 2024, according to customs data.

Imports last month were 4 percent higher than in March last year; however, the value of exports fell 64 percent over the same period to MVR 124 million.

The largest spending on imports was for fuel. The Maldives imported more than MVR 1 billion worth of fuel last month, mostly from Oman which was also the single highest value importer for the Maldives last month.

Countries that imported the most goods include;

CountryImport Value in MVR
Oman777 million
India763 million
UAE617 million
China440 million
Singapore401 million

In March, the Maldives exported the most goods to Thailand, which imports a significant amount of the Maldives’ local fish catch. Following this, the next largest exports were to the UK, Germany, France, and India.

Countries to which Maldives exported the most goods include;

CountryExport Value in MVR
Thailand41 million
UK27 million
Germany12 million
India7 million
France6 million

The Maldives Customs Service, in March, collected MVR 320 million in duties and MVR 19 million in royalties.