As the Maldives prepares to elect its leader for the next five years, Jumhooree Party (JP)’s presidential candidate Qasim Ibrahim has issued a heartfelt plea to the nation, emphasising the precarious state of the country’s economy and independence. In a letter addressed to all citizens, Qasim has urged them to cast their votes to ensure the future stability and security of the Maldives.

In his letter, Qasim expressed grave concerns over the nation’s mounting debt, which has already exceeded MVR 120 billion and is projected to soar to MVR 165 billion by the end of the next five years. According to his assessment, the Maldives faces the daunting task of repaying more than US$1 billion in debt alone by 2026.

“Unless someone knows how to repay and restructure these debts, this country cannot be saved. Like neighboring Sri Lanka, this country is not far from defaulting,” Qasim warned in his letter.

Additionally, Qasim alleged that the ruling parties have undermined and violated the Constitution and laws, and fostered an environment ripe for corruption.

Qasim called upon the electorate to vote for him in order to combat corruption and fraud, address the looming debt crisis, withdraw foreign troops from the Maldives, reclaim Maldivian waters allegedly “left to Mauritius,” and rejuvenate the nation’s faltering economy.

In his closing remarks, he implored citizens to place their trust in his experience and vote for him and his running mate to guide the country toward a brighter and more secure future.