The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has announced its plans to issue internationally accepted identification documents to Maldivian seafarers. The eligible seafarers must comply with the standards set by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Deputy Minister Hamadh Abdul Ghanee announced a close collaboration with the Maldives Immigration to develop a dedicated seafarer identity document. The document will be recognised by ports of other countries. The issuance of these documents is anticipated to be completed within the next month, according to the estimated timeline.

The deputy minister also stated that Maldivian seafarers currently face restricted access to Brazilian ports.

Dhivehi Seafarers and Labour Union welcomed the announcement. The organisation expressed hope that the Maldivian seafarers would soon be issued with the new identification documents and be able to access ports around the world. The news comes at a time when there is growing concern that the Maldivian seafarers may lose access to ports as more and more ILO member states ratify the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC).