The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has submitted a no-confidence motion against Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed. The motion, signed by 54 Members of Parliament (MPs), was officially submitted today, setting the stage for a potential shake-up in the parliamentary leadership.

The motion cites several reasons for the proposed dismissal of Speaker Nasheed. One of the key grievances raised by the MDP is the Speaker’s alleged failure to reconstitute parliament standing committees, which has stalled important legislative work. Additionally, Nasheed is accused of frequently leaving parliament sittings without providing a reason, a move seen as a dereliction of duty.

Furthermore, the MDP accuses the Speaker of supporting members who are actively working to disrupt the parliamentary meetings, which is aimed at undermining the government legislative agenda. It is alleged that Nasheed has participated in debates within the Parliament while presiding, a breach of protocol and impartiality expected from the Speaker’s role.

Another point of contention highlighted in the no-confidence motion is the alleged obstruction of the no-confidence motion against Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath. The MDP claims that Nasheed deliberately impeded the proceedings, forcing the parliament into a potential deadlock.

In addition to these issues, the motion also raises concerns about Nasheed’s personal relationships with certain members, suggesting that this could potentially compromise his ability to maintain impartiality in his role as Speaker.

The motion will now be considered and debated by the Parliament, with a vote likely to take place in the coming days. If the motion is successful and receives a majority vote, Speaker Nasheed will be removed from his position, necessitating the selection of a new speaker.

Speaker Nasheed has so far not commented on the allegations made in the motion.

Meanwhile, the Parliament has set the date for debating a no-confidence motion filed against Vice-Speaker Eva Abdulla. After her resignation from the MDP along with loyalists of Speaker Nasheed to form a new political party challenging President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the upcoming presidential election, the MDP parliamentary group took immediate action to remove her from her post. The debate on the no-confidence motion against Eva is scheduled for June 11.