Abdulla Jabir, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kaashidhoo, has faced a temporary ban from the national carrier, Maldivian, after a video surfaced online showing the MP using derogatory language and threatening the crew of a Maldivian seaplane.

An official from Maldivian told local media that MP Jabir’s actions had “compromised” the safety and security of its pilot and crew members. “The paramount concern of our airline is ensuring the safety and security of our crew members and passengers,” the official was quoted as saying. “In instances such as these, we adhere to a prescribed protocol. Subsequent to the incident, we lodged a formal complaint with the police.”

In the video, MP Jabir can be seen standing on an offshore platform, and threatening the pilot and crew members in a profanity-laden outburst. Despite his threats, the pilot and crew appeared to handle the situation calmly.

Earlier this week, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) expelled the lawmaker from the party and revoked his nomination to run in the upcoming parliamentary election. This punitive action follows another video in which he is seen using inappropriate language and making obscene hand gestures towards his constituents.

The MDP took serious note of his actions, especially as he was expected to defend his seat for the Kaashidhoo constituency in the parliamentary elections scheduled for 17 March. The decision to revoke his party ticket, which he won in the recent parliamentary primaries, came after an investigation into a complaint lodged against him.

MP Jabir’s ticket was revoked due to his repeated use of disrespectful language and disruption of public order while representing the MDP in parliament, said the MDP disciplinary committee in a statement. However, the lawmaker can submit a grievance to the MDP National Council, which has the authority to overturn the committee’s decision and reinstate him in the party.

Despite the expulsion from the party, MP Jabir, known for his erratic behaviour, outrageous proposals and flamboyant style, has announced that he will defend the Kaashidhoo seat as an independent candidate.