Maldives Ports Ltd. (MPL) has entered into a strategic partnership with Turkish Airlines and Maldives State Shipping (MSS) to launch its Sea-to-Air Cargo Transhipment Service. The service is designed to combine the benefits of sea and air transport, providing a swift and efficient solution for cargo delivery.

MPL’s Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Wajeeh Ibrahim, signed the agreement and expressed optimism about the economic benefits the new service would bring to the country. “MPL’s revenue will see an upsurge, our services will undergo expansion, and concurrently, the economy of Maldives will be propelled forward,” he said.

Under the terms of the agreement, Turkish Airlines will serve as MPL’s air cargo partner, while MSS will act as the sea carrier partner. Turkish Airlines was represented at the signing ceremony by Expedite Maldives Pvt. Ltd., its agent in the Maldives, with Managing Director Ali Thariq signing on behalf of the company.

MSS hailed the new service as a “game-changer for Maldives, unlocking new market opportunities!” Ahmed Shareef, MSS’s Managing Director, signed the agreement on behalf of the company.

Bilal Okur, the Regional Cargo Manager of Turkish Airlines for the Maldives, stated that the airline aims to play a pivotal role in transforming the Maldives into a sea-to-air cargo transhipment hub. He noted that the airline currently relies on Sri Lanka for this service, but due to capacity constraints, it is looking to expand to the Maldives.

The new service is expected to offer customers the reliability and cost-effectiveness of sea transportation, seamlessly integrated with the speed and convenience of air transport. This hybrid model is designed to ensure swift and proficient cargo handling, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and industries across the region.

MPL also disclosed the tariffs for this service, with a charge of US$605.68 for a standard 20-foot container and US$752.51 for a standard 40-foot container as the sea-to-air international transhipment charge.