President Mohamed Muizzu, while meeting with the Maldivian community in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has underlined that all ambassadors appointed during his administration will be primed towards better serving the Maldivian people. The President is currently visiting the UAE to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the COP28 Summit.

Muizzu said that, under his administration, the Maldives’ diplomatic missions will be better attuned to the concerns of Maldivians in their respective countries and will work as closely as possible with the Maldivian communities there.

The President said on Thursday that his policy was to prioritise the needs of Maldivians in those countries and that he would look to work with, and listen to, Maldivian communities abroad to solve key problems faced by those communities.

Speaking along the same lines of putting the Maldives first, one of the key elements of his presidential campaign, Muizzu said that his administration will focus on, and prioritise, the national sentiment.

Muizzu will look to the newly established Ministry of Dhivehi Language, Culture and Heritage to work with embassies and consulates to plan and implement activities to instil a love for the Dhivehi language and Islamic faith among Maldivians living abroad, the President’s Office said.

The President further stated that this would be facilitated by assigning diplomatic outposts, beyond their conventional diplomatic duties, the task of teaching Dhivehi and subjects related to the Islamic faith. This, he said, would sustain and reinforce the Maldivian identity, much like the President’s vision for Maldivians residing in the country and overseas, the President’s Office website said, going on to outline Muizzu’s vision of “elevating the Maldivian identity to a level of esteemed recognition.”

Muizzu invited the Maldivian community in the UAE to share their concerns and needs with him, adding that his administration would work to address any such concerns.