Regional Airports Company Ltd. (RACL) has expressed its commitment to the ongoing airport development projects across the country despite unexpected delays. The state-owned airport operator is undertaking airport development projects on eight different islands.

In a statement released on Tuesday, RACL acknowledged that its airport development projects are experiencing delays due to various factors beyond the company’s control, impacting the pace at which it intends to advance these vital infrastructure projects. The company identified the land registration process as a significant source of the delay.

“The land parcels allocated for the airport development and operation belong to various islands. Consequently, many of the necessary works on these lands cannot proceed without the required permits and approval of drawings. To date, the land registration has not been completed due to various reasons beyond RACL’s direct control,” the statement read.

In response to these challenges, RACL has established a management-level committee to engage with relevant stakeholders to expedite the land registration process, the company said.

“Since the establishment of RACL as a separate entity and the subsequent handover of management of some regional airports in the Maldives, the company has prioritised establishing the required standards at these airports,” the statement noted. “With the appointment of Ahmed Mubeen as Managing Director following the assumption of presidency by Dr [Mohamed] Muizzu, RACL has intensified its efforts to identify and implement the necessary measures to accelerate airport development projects.”

RACL assured the public that, despite the current delays, the development plans for the airports will proceed without interruption, reaffirming its commitment to overcoming these challenges and ensuring progress in these projects.