The Regional Airport Company Ltd. (RACL) has taken over the operations of Kadhdhoo Airport, making it the largest airport operator in the Maldives. The government transferred the airport’s shares to RACL on Tuesday with a view to expand air travel services nationwide. Kadhdhoo Airport, located on Kadhdhoo Island in the Laamu Atoll, is one of the first regional airports in the Maldives.

The transition of Kadhdhoo Airport’s ownership to RACL has set in motion the process of transferring operations from the current operator, Kadhdhoo Airport Company Ltd. (KACL). This change has increased the number of airports under RACL’s management to eight, making it the operator of the highest number of airports in the Maldives.

This development aligns with the Mohamed Muizzu administration’s plans to elevate Kadhdhoo Airport to international standards, a cornerstone of his presidential campaign. To achieve this goal, the administration signed a memorandum of understanding with China CAMC Engineering Company Limited (CAMCE) on 11 April.

With the takeover of operations at Kadhdhoo Airport, RACL has made a firm commitment to enhancing the services provided at all the airports under its management.