Four foreign nationals were detained at Velana International Airport on 3 July for attempting to gain entry using passports with fake stamps, Maldives Immigration confirmed in a post to social media on Tuesday.

While the agency did not release additional details, the detainees, all male, were confirmed to be 22, 28, 25 and 31 years old.

Immigration is currently conducting a special operation to ensure that foreigners residing in, and entering, the Maldives are in full compliance with the nation’s rules and regulations.

The agency, working to identify foreign nationals who are engaged in unlawful trade, residing illegally or those who have committed other illegal acts, has additionally detained six more in a raid on small shops run by foreign nationals in Malé. The arrests, according to a Police spokesperson, came after four foreigner-run retail shops and takeaway coffee shops were raided.

Additionally, five men, and a woman, were arrested as part of the Immigration’s special operation on Tuesday night.

The operation has seen two markets in Malé raided twice in recent days, leading to arrests of several foreigners engaged in unlawful trade. A leading figure in the illegal trade was arrested on Monday night, along with three other foreign men, and a woman.

The administration has recently stepped up enforcement regarding illegal immigrants, with the Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, Ali Ihusaan, assuring the public that efforts would continue until a definitive solution can be found.

Authorities have so far arrested 70 foreign nationals in the ongoing operation.