The Palestinian Authority has revealed that 80 percent of Gaza’s health facilities are now out of service. Humanitarian organisations like Doctors Without Borders have been forced to evacuate as Israel ramps up attacks in Gaza.

Palestinian health officials on Tuesday reported the receipt of an emergency fuel shipment, with its allocation for healthcare being prioritised over other services. This allocation ensures that the few remaining hospitals in Rafah have sufficient fuel to sustain reduced services for approximately six days. UN officials previously stated that medical stocks in most facilities in Rafah were only sufficient to last a month.

Meanwhile, Israeli jets continued to pound residential areas, with one particular attack on a house in the Nuseirat refugee camp killing 14 Palestinians, including children. In the north, Israeli forces have encircled evacuation zones and shelters in Jabalia.

According to recent figures, Israel has killed at least 35,173 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and wounded 79,061 others in Gaza since 7 October.

Israeli forces attacked a UN vehicle in Rafah on Monday, killing a member of the organisation’s Department of Safety and Security, with another member injured. UN Secretary-General António Guterres condemned all attacks on UN personnel, calling for a full investigation into the incident.

UNRWA communications officer Louise Wateridge, reporting from Gaza’s southernmost city, Rafah, said that Palestinian families have been forced to relocate westward, seeking safety along the shore and beach areas. Large portions of Rafah, which until a week ago remained a refuge for over 1 million people, now resemble a “ghost town” due to the forced evacuation of residents.

Between 360,000 and 500,000 Palestinians flew Rafah in the past week alone following Israeli warnings to evacuate eastern and central neighbourhoods ahead of anticipated assaults. In the northern part of Gaza, where Israeli troops have conducted operations over the weekend, intense battles prompted an additional 100,000 people to flee following instructions from the Israeli military.

Israeli tanks have advanced deeper into eastern Rafah, reaching residential districts in the southern border city of Gaza. Witnesses have reported seeing tanks crossing Salah al-Din road into the Brazil and Jneina neighbourhoods.

Amid ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza and the mounting civilian death toll, the International Court of Justice has schduled hearings for Thursday and Friday to deliberate on emergency measures sought by South Africa regarding Israel’s attacks on Rafah. These measures are part of an ongoing case filed by South Africa accusing Israel of violating the genocide convention during its offensive in Gaza.