The Israeli army has ordered all Palestinian civilians to evacuate Gaza City, prompting a mass exodus. As part of its intensified military onslaught, Israeli forces targeted the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) headquarters in Gaza City, causing significant damage. In an attack on a school in Khan Younis, Israel killed 27 Palestinians and injured 53 others.

In the past four days alone, four schools have been hit by Israeli attacks. The strikes have forced thousands of Palestinians to flee Khan Younis and Gaza City. Three key hospitals in northern Gaza shut down due to the ongoing Israeli aggression.

Meanwhile, a new round of talks is scheduled to take place in Qatar following previous discussions in Egypt. The aim of these talks is to bring an end to the hostilities between Israel, which illegally occupies the Palestinian territories, and Palestinian resistance groups operating in Gaza.

International mediators, including Egypt, Qatar, and the US, are pushing for a ceasefire. Talks are set to continue in Doha and Cairo, with senior intelligence officials from the CIA and Mossad in attendance. A senior source indicated that there is agreement on many points, although there have been reports of attempts by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to undermine truce negotiations and prolong the war.

Since the launch of its attacks on Gaza on 7 October, Israel has killed at least 38,295 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and wounded 88,241 others.

The Israeli military offensive, which intensified in late June, has involved issuing evacuation orders and pushing terrified Palestinian civilian populations further south. A formal evacuation order was issued on 27 June, followed by two additional orders. The ground operation, which began in Shujayea, has now expanded to central and western districts of Gaza City. The UNRWA headquarters was also attacked.

In recent airstrikes, Israel has killed hundreds of Palestinian civilians. An airstrike on a school-turned-shelter in Abassan killed 31 people. The area was populated with around 3,000 people at the time. Further Israeli strikes killed 20 Palestinians, including 12 in the Nuseirat refugee camp and 8 in Deir al-Balah. Authorities in Gaza reported that 60 Palestinians were killed on Tuesday alone.

The new Israeli ground assault in northern Gaza City has worsened the humanitarian crisis. The Red Crescent has been unable to provide assistance due to the intense Israeli bombing. Only 13 out of 36 hospitals in Gaza are partially functioning, and fighting has obstructed aid groups from accessing essential warehouses.