The State’s spending on subsidies and Aasandha—the universal healthcare insurance scheme—has shown a notable decrease compared to the previous year, according to data released by the Finance Ministry.

From 1 January to 20 June, the state spent over MVR 2.7 billion on the programmes, a significant drop from the MVR 3 billion spent during the same period last year. The reduction amounts to MVR 336 million, representing an 11 percent decline in spending.

MVR 4.8 billion is earmarked in the annual state budget for subsidies and Aasandha, and as of 20 June, 55.9 percent of this allocation has been utilised. Specifically, Aasandha’s expenses account for 46 percent of the healthcare insurance budget, with MVR 917.9 million spent so far—MVR 189.1 million less than last year.

Subsidies spending has also seen a similar trend. As of 20 June, the state had spent MVR 1.7 billion on subsidies, which is MVR 188 million less than the corresponding period in the previous year. This translates to 62 percent of the budget allocation for subsidies.

With a total budget of MVR 49.9 billion for the year, the current spending and expenditure stand at MVR 18.9 billion, resulting in a deficit of MVR 2.4 billion, according to Finance Ministry data.