Don Gorske, a retired prison officer, has become a living example to the unexpected, defying health warnings and societal norms by reaching his 70s while maintaining a daily habit of consuming Big Mac burgers. He is a Guinness World Record holder for the most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime.

In 1999, Guinness recognised Gorske with the world record title for the most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime, and by 2011, he had surpassed the 25,000 mark. In 2023, Gorske reached a total of 34,128 Big Macs, consuming an average of just below two per day.

Gorske’s love affair with the iconic Big Mac began on 17 May, 1972, and since then, he has meticulously documented every one of the 34,128 Big Macs he’s consumed, preserving receipts and burger containers.

Contrary to health predictions, Gorske credits his longevity to strategic modifications in his Big Mac consumption habits. Once consuming up to nine Big Macs a day, Gorske has scaled down to a more moderate two burgers daily. He also skips the fries, a move aimed at reducing the potential negative health impacts of his daily McDonald’s indulgence.

For exercise, Gorske walks an impressive six miles every day, a routine that contributes to his overall well-being. Despite health concerns associated with regular fast-food consumption, including weight gain and heart disease, Gorske remains unapologetic about his love for Big Macs.

Guinness World Records has recognised Gorske as one of its longer-running record holders. “Many people expected me to be dead by now,” Gorske remarked.

His dedication to the burger is such that he even proposed to his wife, Mary, in a McDonald’s parking lot. Mary has been supportive of his habits, including the Big Mac obsession, and their relationship remains unaffected by Gorske’s daily routine.

During his time as a prison guard at a maximum-security facility in Wisconsin, Gorske faced teasing from inmates for his McDonald’s habit. However, his fellow guards supported him, even sneaking in Big Macs for him during double shifts.

Gorske’s dedication to the Big Mac hasn’t waned over the years. Currently, he visits McDonald’s twice a week, ordering batches of Big Macs and microwaving them at home when hunger strikes. His occasional evening snacks include ice cream, fruit bars, or potato chips.

Despite this milestone, Gorske claims to have plenty of room for more. Observers often note that when Gorske eats a Big Mac, it appears as though he’s savouring it for the very first time.