The United States has taken measures to support Israel following the recent Hamas attack against Israel.

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the military deployment to the eastern Mediterranean. The US military deployment includes the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, a missile cruiser, and four missile destroyers. Additionally, US fighter jets have been dispatched to the region.

The White House revealed plans to send additional military aid to Israel in the coming days, aiming to bolster Israel’s military capabilities.

Over 700 people were reportedly killed and more than 100 individuals kidnapped in the Hamas attack. The attack involved a barrage of rockets, drones, fighters on paragliders, and a breach of Israeli border fortifications around the Gaza Strip.

In response to the Hamas attack, Israel carried out airstrikes in Gaza which resulted in significant casualties among Palestinians. According to Palestinian officials, the airstrikes have so far killed over 400 people.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi expressed support for the Hamas attack, blaming Israel for destabilising the region.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken clarified that there is no direct evidence of Iranian involvement in this specific attack. However, he noted a longstanding history of Iranian support for Hamas. He highlighted that Iran has been assisting Hamas for years, including financial and military support, which has contributed to the group’s capabilities.

Iran denied any involvement in the attack on Israel during a UN Security Council meeting.

The United States has historically provided military aid to Israel, its close ally, amounting to billions of dollars annually. Israel has consistently been the largest overall recipient of US foreign aid since World War II.

The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to convene in New York to address the escalation in Israel-Hamas conflict. This meeting will provide an opportunity for member states to discuss the situation and seek diplomatic solutions to the conflict.