Israel killed at least 47 Palestinians in an overnight attack on the al-Maghazi refugee camp in Gaza on Saturday, which was one of the three refugee camps targeted by the Israeli forces in the past 24 hours. The Jabalia refugee camp north of Gaza City was also hit on Saturday night, leaving at least six Palestinians dead. In its latest attacks on Gaza, the Jewish state also bombed the main water source in the Jabalia refugee camp.

Israel, backed by the United States and Western governments, has so far killed over 9,400 Palestinians, including nearly 4,000 children, since the Hamas attacked Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories on 7 October. An ambulance convoy from Gaza City to the south was bombed by Israeli forces on Friday, resulting in at least 15 deaths. The bombardment in northern Gaza has left many civilians trapped and unable to escape.

Fighting was reported between with Israeli ground troops and Palestinian fighters at Juhor ad-Dik, suggesting that Israeli forces are operating across the width of the Gaza Strip, from the coast to the border. Ongoing battles were reported at Beit Hanoun in the northeastern corner of the Gaza Strip.

In a separate development, tens of thousands of people gathered in the United States capital, Washington, to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. Demonstrators directed their anger at US President Joe Biden, accusing him of enabling genocide against Palestinians. 

The Biden administration has far refused to set any red lines for how the US ally must conduct military operations. The lack of a clear stance on the conflict has led to criticism and calls for the US to take a more active role in de-escalation efforts.