In the wake of the Maldives’ Presidential Elections, where pro-China candidate, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) endorsed People’s National Congress (PNC) candidate Mohamed Muizzu secured a decisive victory, the Chinese Embassy in the Maldives has published two insightful op-eds. 

The first op-ed retraced the history of China-Maldives relations, dating back to 1972. The friendship, characterised by mutual respect and shared objectives, has seen both nations cooperate on a host of areas such as economic development, tourism, and other matters of common interest. 

While China lauded the Maldives for supporting its one-China policy concerning Taiwan, it also expressed gratitude for the Maldives’ continuous collaboration in regional and international matters.

“Both countries have forged a relationship built on trust, mutual benefit, and shared values,” the op-ed stated, underlining China’s long-standing support to the Maldives in its developmental projects.

The second op-ed, rather more philosophical, underlined China’s vision for a “global community of shared future,” a concept propounded by President Xi Jinping. Grounded in a new approach to international relations, it emphasises cooperation, equity, and mutual benefit. According to the embassy, this vision aims to confront “hegemonic thinking” and stands “on the right side of history.”

China called for nations to respect each other’s sovereignty, settle disputes through dialogue, and forgo the use of force. The editorial stressed the need for “turning pressure into motivation and crises into opportunities” and drew attention to common global challenges requiring coordinated efforts.

The two op-eds, published in conjunction with the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, were seen as the country’s effort to solidify its relations with the Maldives, especially under the newly elected pro-China government. It is also a soft push for a broader alignment of global objectives that China aims to champion, such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the Global Development Initiative.