FIFA, the world’s football governing body, has imposed sanctions on Club Valencia over their failure to pay the salaries of foreign players this season. 

Reliable sources have revealed that FIFA has banned the club from from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally until the outstanding salaries are settled. The club also faced a similar FIFA ban in September last year.

This development has had a direct impact on the new players acquired by Valencia this year, preventing them from taking part in any matches. Notably, Ibrahim Waheed Hassan (Ibbe) from Maziya Sports and Recreation and Rilwan Waheed (Riley), who joined from Club Green Streets, have been present at Valencia’s practice sessions but have yet to make an appearance on the field. 

It has been reported that Valencia owes $62,000 in wages to Spanish striker Borjas Martin, who played for the club in the previous two seasons. Borjas, who had a contractual agreement for a $5,000 monthly salary, has taken the matter to FIFA, filing a formal complaint against Valencia for their failure to fulfil their financial obligations.

Some Maldivian players of the club have also voiced concerns about their unpaid salaries. The matter has been brought to the attention of the Football Association of Maldives (FAM) for their intervention and resolution.

FAM released a letter in April last year, addressing the salary dispute. The Player Status Committee of the Association acknowledged the matter and decided to deduct the outstanding salary amount from the subsidy provided to the club. However, the players affected by this decision have not yet received their owed wages.

The unpaid salary issue extends beyond Valencia, as it has come to light that several other foreign players participating in the Dhivehi Premier League are also experiencing similar difficulties in receiving their salaries.