Italian fugitive Vincenzo La Porta with connections to the Camorra organized crime group in Naples, has been apprehended by the Italian and Greek police. The 60-year-old fugitive has been eluding authorities for over a decade.

The run ended when a seemingly innocent photo of him celebrating his football team’s victory gave away his location.

Vincenzo La Porta has been on the run for 11 years, escaping law enforcement across international borders. His criminal background, which included convictions in absentia for criminal association, tax evasion, and fraud in Italy, made him one of the most sought-after fugitives in the country’s history.

However, it was his passion for football and, in particular, his unwavering support for Napoli that ultimately led to his capture. The breakthrough came earlier this year during Napoli’s first Italian championship win in three decades. Unknown to La Porta, a photograph captured him among the cheering fans.

Naples Carabinieri police immediately recognised La Porta in the photo. They analysed the image and cross-referenced it with their database of known associates and leads. It wasn’t long before they pinpointed the location of the celebratory event, which was on the Greek island of Corfu.

Italian and Greek authorities launched a joint operation to apprehend the fugitive. They cornered La Porta while he rode his moped on Corfu streets on 6 August. The arrest took place without incident, and the notorious fugitive was taken into custody, ending his long-standing evasion of justice.

Vincenzo La Porta awaits extradition to Italy to face the consequences of his criminal actions. If extradited, he faces a 14-year prison sentence.

La Porta’s lawyer revealed that since fleeing Italy, his client has started a new life in Greece and has a nine-year-old son. He has worked as a cook. La Porta’s health has declined due to heart ailments. The lawyer fears that his client’s extradition would not only ruin him but also negatively impact his family’s well-being.