President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has declared that once the initiative to standardize the salaries of all government employees is finished, every government worker will experience an increment in pay.

During his presidential address at the opening session of the first parliament meeting of the year, the President outlined his objectives to bring about positive changes to the salaries of all civil servants. As part of the plan, starting from May 2023, healthcare workers will receive a higher salary.

“I fulfilled my promise to harmonize the salaries of education sector employees last year, and now it is the turn of the health sector. All healthcare workers will receive a raise in pay starting from May 1st, God willing,” he stated.

The project to improve the salaries of government workers started with teachers, who received a pay increase last year.

Solih continued, “Lecturers working in colleges and universities, as well as healthcare workers, will also see a rise in their salaries starting in March. Employees in government offices who currently do not receive a 35% allowance will also receive that allowance starting from May 1.”

When the project is completed, all civil servants, including imams and muezzins, will witness a positive change in their pay.

“Upon the completion of salary standardization, the religious sector, including Imaams, and all other civil service employees will be included in the project,” he added.

This announcement of a pay increase comes at a time when the public is concerned about the rise in prices resulting from the recent tax hike.