The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has voiced concern regarding the prolonged delay in the progress of numerous government bills within Parliament. Multiple deadlocks and political gameplay at the parliament has resulted in a legislative logjam affecting key reform bills.

Statistics released by the AGO highlight the gravity of the situation: out of 153 bills submitted over the last five years, 120 have successfully passed and been ratified. However, 30 critical bills are currently stalled at various stages within the legislative process. Among these are pivotal bills such as the Workplace Safety Bill, Industrial Relations Bill, Land Usage Bill, and several others pertinent to judicial reforms and business and public health.

The ongoing parliamentary gridlock not only adds to the passage of these essential bills but also raised questions about the effectiveness of the legislative process in addressing national priorities and implementing reforms. 

As the deadlock persists, the AGO’s concerns underscore the urgent need for a resolution to ensure the smooth functioning of the legislative machinery and the timely implementation of laws crucial for the nation’s development and governance.