The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has filed a civil suit against landowner Shafiyya Zubair contesting her notice to vacate the premises of the party’s main campaign centre on Boduthakurufaanu Magu in Male’. The MDP’s filed the case after refusing to respond to Shfiyya’s eviction notice, who has already leased the premises to another party.

The campaign centre, situated in front of the Artificial Beach area, has served as a crucial gathering place for MDP supporters and a hub for various political activities. However, tensions arose when Zubair, a loyalist of former President Mohamed Nasheed, left the MDP to join the newly established “The Democrats” party.

To protect their rights, the MDP promptly filed the case at the Civil Court before the expiration of the eviction notice, as confirmed by Anas Abdul Sattar, the MDP’s spokesperson, in a statement to local media. However, Sattar refrained from providing specific details regarding the ongoing legal proceedings.

The MDP has maintained that the lack of available space is the primary reason behind their failure to vacate the premises. They have requested the landlord to allow them to continue utilising the campaign centre until they secure an alternative location.

According to the MDP spokesperson, the owner initially granted permission for the party to occupy the campaign centre until the conclusion of this year’s presidential election in September. However, the owner later issued an order for the party to vacate the premises, leading to the current legal battle.

The ongoing civil suit between the MDP and Shafiyya Zubair sheds light on the deepening divisions within the party and highlights the struggle for control amidst internal power struggles, according to political analysts. The dispute over the campaign centre has brought to the forefront the underlying tensions and competing factions within the MDP, further complicating the party’s dynamics and future direction.

The case will now be deliberated by the Civil Court, with the outcome expected to have significant implications for the MDP’s future activities and its relationships with key stakeholders.